More About WATAG

More About WATAG

WATAG is the West Dorset Western Area Transport Action Group.

WATAG’s objectives are to seek and achieve sustainable improvement in transport systems within the four DCC electoral divisions of Beaminster, Bridport, Chickerell & Chesil Bank and Marshwood Vale (as existing at the adoption of the constitution).

Additionally, WATAG will seek to achieve sustainable improvement in the transport links between the defined areas, neighbouring counties and elsewhere.

Prompted by Dorset County Council, WATAG was established in June 2001. The WATAG membership provides a forum for people with transport interests from Dorset Council (DC), the Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils (DAPTC), Dorset Community Action (DCA), rail, bus and road transporters and other concerned groups and citizens. A meeting is held (usually in Bridport) once every two months.

WATAG is now a member of

Our bi-monthly public meetings are attended by Dorset County Councillors, District Councillors, Town & Parish Councillors together with Bus Company managers and representatives of the non-commercial sector.

The Chair’s Advisory Group comprises:

  • Chairman: Gesella (Guz) Tidy: tel. 01308 425805
  • Minutes Secretary: Philip Sankey tel. 01297 442558
  • Admin: John Collingwood tel. 07867 848891
  • Treasurer: Gesella (Guz) Tidy tel. 01308 425805
  • Members: Billy Shearer, Bob Driscoll, Colin Divall, David Marsh, Ian Gray, Stuart Banfield and Tony Reese.

Contact WATAG at or by telephone the numbers shown above.

The Dorset Council Cabinet member with responsibility for transport is Councillor Ray Bryan who is Portfolio Holder for Highways, Travel and Environment; his contact details are:-

  1. 07837 707386
  3. Dorset Council

c/o South Walks House
South Walks Road