Minutes of previous meetings

Minutes of General Meeting 107 held 24th January 2019.pdf

Minutes of the AGM held 24th JAN2019.pdf

Minutes of meeting 106 held November 2018.pdf

Minutes of meeting 105 held SEPT 2018.pdf

Minutes of the meeting 104 held 26th July 2018.pdf

Minutes of general meeting 103-MAY18 (pdf)

Minutes of General meeting 102 held 22nd March 2018 (pdf)

Minutes of the AGM held 25th January 2018 (pdf)

Minutes of General meeting 101 held 25th January 2018 (pdf)

Minutes of meeting 100 held 23rd NOV17 (pdf)

Minutes of Meeting 99 held 28th September 2017 (pdf)

Minutes of meeting 98 held on 27th July 2017 (pdf)

Minutes of meeting 97 held on 25th May 2017 (pdf)

Minutes of meeting 96 held 23rd March (pdf)

Minutes of meeting 95 held 26th January 2017 95-jan17

Minutes of the AGM held 26th january 2017  agm-jan2017

Minutes of meeting 94 november 2016 (pdf) 94-nov16

Minutes Meeting 93 held 22 September 2016

Minutes from Meeting number 92 held 28th july 2016

Minutes of meeting number 91-MAY2016  (.doc file)

Minutes from Meeting number 90 held 31st march 2016

Minutes of the AGM held 28th January 2016

Minutes of the general meetng (no. 89) held 28th January 2016 PLEASE NOTE: Dates of some of this year’s meetings have been corrected/amended: Next meeting: Thursday  26 May, 28 July, 22 September and 24 November

Minutes of General Meeting held 26th November 2015 (pdf)

Minutes of General Meeting held 24th September 2015 (pdf)

Minutes of General Meeting held 23rd July 2015 (pdf)

Minutes 28th May 2015 (pdf) And here is the Speed version of the minutes produced by artist Petra Hughes (who is available for commissions) – useful for a quick preview or reminder of what was talked about.

Petra's Speed Minutes

Petra’s Speed Minutes

Minutes of the 83rd General Meeting held Thursday 26th March (pdf)

Related documents:

Bus Users Manifesto (pdf)

Bus User Demands (pdf)

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held Thursday Jan 22nd

Minutes of 82nd General Meeting held on January 22nd

Minutes of 81st General Meeting held on November 27th

Minutes of 80th General Meeting held on September 25th 2014

Minutes of 79th General Meeting held on 25thy July2014 29th May 2014

Meeting Minutes No. 78 27th March 2014 Meeting

Minutes No. 77 January 23rd 2014 Minutes Meeting No. 76

MINUTES OF THE WATAG AGM 24th JANURY 2013 November 28th Meeting

Minutes No. 75 26th September Meeting

Minutes No. 74 WATAGconsultation July 25th 2013

Minutes Meeting No. 73 May 23rd 2013

Minutes Meeting No. 72 March 28th 2013

Minutes Meeting No. 71 January 24 2013

Minutes Meeting No. 70 September 27th 2012

Minutes Meeting No. 68

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